About Chef Lerman

After 40 plus years in the restaurant business, both as an executive chef and a restaurant owner, I have found that customers are in search of more than just nourishment...they seek a dining adventure such as a new taste or a novel presentation. To that end, I have consistently brought a creative approach to every detail of my menu, with special focus on salad dressings and sauces. My efforts resulted in a large number of customer requests to purchase these dressings for home use. In an effort to satisfy the requests of my loyal customers, the Chef Lerman Salad Dressing Company was created in 1999.

These are my house dressings and I have included culinary suggestions for their expanded use as a sauce or marinade for a variety of uses. The dressings and sauces are all approved by the New York State Agriculture and Markets as appropriate for sale on the open market without preservatives. These products are "acidified" and are deemed shelf stable. All five dressings and the Bar-B-Q sauce are created with a ph of 4.0 or less. All Chef Lerman creations are made with the finest natural ingredients resulting in a very balanced and pleasing flavor.

You can now enjoy this culinary experience in your own home.